Sunday, 2 October 2011

What Is The Importance Of Computer In Teaching Learning Process?

The assistance of a computer during the teaching learning process is essential. Society has become more computer literate over the past few decades, and as technology has been advancing, society’s reliance on computing systems has increased. Therefore to incorporate computers in the teaching learning process is necessary in order to create familiarity with various computer assistant applications from a young age, particularly within a classroom capacity. 

The role of a computer in the teaching learning process can also be used as a way to interact with students away from the school environment as an aid to homework and assignments that have been set during holiday periods. This added benefit means that an E-mail system can be setup or a discussion board so that if the students are experiencing any difficulties with their work they can either have the option to ask the teacher discreetly for assistance or alternatively they can discuss issues with their peers to solve problems between them. This concept allows assistance to always be at hand with the added benefit of making a task more interactive. 

Similarly, a course website can be created in order to provide information for future students who are thinking of signing up to a certain class. This will allow the students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the course outline and what is required of them during the duration of the course and furthermore, how the course will be assessed. 

The benefits of a computer system are that it is fast and efficient, gathering information almost immediately, with the ability to process and access information that would take too long manually.  Furthermore, different types of learning material or teaching aids can be accessed from the internet, which can be used to make classroom activities more interactive. This system allows for flexibility to teaching style with the added bonus of promoting responsiveness to the variations of teaching methods that are available and that have been promoted by a computer system.

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